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I am not an accident...

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Not as much TV and online stuff. I'm finding that I have a whole lot more time in the day, but that they go faster than before.

I've started reading Matthew pretty thoroughly. I've read chapters 1-9 and then I am going back and reading those same chapters in another translation. Today I started reading the footnotes from both the NKJV study Bible and then the NLT Life Application Bible I have. I really like the NLT. It's comfortable. That's about as descriptive as I get tonight. HAHA!

I'm also reading A Purpose Driven Life. I got my Mom to read it with me. There is a difference of beliefs when it comes to some issues. We're on day 2... It's early. I can see us disagreeing a bit as we go along. She's got some different ideas. Nothing serious. We disagree on a few other things in life, so I can't imagine having a smooth ride over the cobblestones that are our lives.

On top of that I threw a Christian novel in there. The Last Disciple is a good book. Touchy subject matter that can be pretty graphic, but effective. It's got some definitely preterist ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing how they deal with that. It's published by the same publisher that did the Left Behind series. Totally different books though.

My Mom has a minor surgery in about 7 hours. I didn't get to bed early enough, so I'm up all night. I have a few things DVR'd. That will keep me busy for about an hour.

Time for a Red Bull with a coffee chaser.



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